Primary school

Head, heart and hands

In the primary years, the individual is celebrated within a strong, supportive community. Our teachers are dedicated to nurturing a genuine love of learning, delivering the NSW Australian Curriculum in a way that brings learning alive.

Our approach

The Steiner approach places great importance on the formative period of childhood. Our Kindergarten program focuses on developmentally appropriate learning. We establish foundations in literacy and numeracy whilst allowing ample time for creative play and artistic activities.

Student-teacher relationships

As from Year 1, each class has a teacher who stays with them until the end of Year 6. The teacher develops a close relationship with the students and their families. The beauty of this approach is that the teacher acquires a deep understanding of the student and their learning journey.

The primary class teachers are supported by specialist teachers for subjects such as language, visual arts, PE, library and music. Specialist teachers from the Central Coast Conservatorium deliver components of our music curriculum. Our primary sports program is varied and focuses on teamwork and skills-building. The outdoor education program offers both adventure and a sense of personal challenge.

How their day starts

In the mornings, the ‘main lesson’ program incorporates learning that is both meaningful and relevant. Our educational approach avoids comparison and standardisation, focusing on individual growth and collaboration.

The curriculum

The curriculum balances academic achievement, artistic experience and practical skills- the head, the heart and the hands.  The imagination of the students is enlivened by our artistic approach to all facets of learning. The will of students is engaged through practical and meaningful experiences. We nurture wellbeing by instilling a sense of reverence and gratitude for all aspects of life.

Sports program

Our sports program is varied and focuses on team-work and skill building in the primary years. Our outdoor education program is fun, adventurous and increasingly challenging as the child develops. Recent highlights have included the Year 3 Farm Stay, the Year 4 ‘Zoo Snooze’ at Taronga Zoo, Year 5 ‘Greek Olympics’ and Year 6 surfing trip.

The primary school journey concludes at the end of year six, enabling a smooth transition into our high school program.

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