High school


The Central Coast Steiner School High School program (Years 7-12) prepares students to flourish in life, offering a meaningful and challenging learning program. Within the framework of the Australian Curriculum for NSW, we engage our students in a rich, vibrant learning pathway. Our integrated artistic approach to learning brings a genuine sense of human connection to all subjects. It is not unusual to find our students creating beautiful mathematical drawings to prove a law, or using drama to bring their historical understandings to life. Lessons are shaped to incorporate skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Our teachers

Our High School teachers are committed partners in the learning journeys of our students. They balance high expectations of young adults with the guidance and support needed to help students grow. The personalised structure of our High School allows teachers to gain a holistic understanding of our students – both their strengths and challenges.

Student wellbeing

Great importance is placed on nurturing student wellbeing. Recess and lunch times are technology-free so that students can be active and enjoy one another’s company. We incorporate vertical ‘house’ structures into our high school to foster connection across year groups. Students are encouraged to be their authentic selves, take responsibility for their future and to step up to a range of creative, sporting and leadership opportunities. 

Service learning

An important component of our students’ journey at our school is our ‘service learning’ program, which allows students to make a positive impact on the world around them. Our high school offers students an optimistic worldview, empowering them to contribute to a just and sustainable future. 

Uniform shop

All Secondary School students at Central Coast Steiner School are required to wear the uniform. We believe a student best demonstrates their individuality through their deeds and creations, rather than through their purchasing of fashionable and branded garments.

It is also important that students are sun-safe and protected for the various lesson activities they will encounter, and the school uniform provides this protection. Uniform items are available for purchase or order through uniform shop. Shoes, socks, hats and sport shorts will need to be purchased separately.


Fortnightly on a Wednesday 8.30am – 9.30am or by appointment. Appointments can be arranged by emailing uniformshop@ccrss.nsw.edu.au

This is the ideal preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme  (Years 11 and 12).

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