Kindergarten is when Early Stage 1 of the NSW Curriculum begins.

The Central Coast Steiner Kindergarten offers a play-based curriculum which fosters the child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The Kindergarten is orderly, beautiful and calm, inviting the child to engage in learning in a secure, creative and inspiring environment. Our play materials are natural and open-ended- allowing the child’s imagination to come alive. Through active investigation of the natural environment in our beautiful gardens and beyond, the child’s innate sense of wonder is kept alive. A reverence for the rhythm of the seasons and the beauty of our world lays the basis for future environmental stewardship.


Building strong foundations for literacy, we develop a genuine love of language through verse, song, rhythms, rhymes and stories. The child experiences a rich variety of oral language activities. These are accompanied by movement so that the child’s fine and gross motor skills are developed.  Phonological awareness and foundational phonics are introduced to the child in a creative, playful and artistic way.


Foundations for numeracy are laid by an understanding of numbers, developing through play, verses, stories, craft and daily activities. Our arts and craft activities- such as beeswax modelling, finger knitting, weaving, sewing and painting- develop dexterity and an appreciation of beauty and craftsmanship.

Healthy relationships

Healthy social relationships are nurtured through a balance of free play and structured activities. Children in the Central Coast Steiner Kindergarten learn to share, to take turns and to listen to one another in a caring way. They engage in practical activities such as cooking and gardening.

Learning and self-esteem

The child’s desire to learn by doing is fulfilled. A sense of clear, unpressured achievement strengthens the child’s will and self-esteem.

It is not only the “what” that is important, but the “how”. We actively develop good learning habits and a sense of gratitude. We want to establish an environment that is considerate and respectful so that school becomes a special, valued place.

Our Kindergarten year is attuned to the developmental needs of the child. It is a time when healthy foundations for formal academic learning are laid.
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