People who come to our School comment on the beauty and calm that permeates the learning environment. This is important to us. We want students and teachers alike to feel at home in a school this is spacious, well cared for and inviting. We pay attention to detail. We use quality, natural resources and sustainable building practices. We are a steadily growing school and continually investing in our grounds, buildings and resources. Our beautiful school facilities are reflective of our creative and nurturing philosophy.

Kindergarten-screenshot (Custom)


Our kindergarten building was architecturally designed to embrace the child in a welcoming atmosphere. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the ‘Nature Trail’ outdoor classroom.


Primary classrooms

The primary classes are colourful and stimulating to the senses in an artistic way. The students use the finest quality materials in their learning and learn to treat them with care. Our wooden desks are beautifully crafted and add to the warmth of the atmosphere.

 High School (Custom)

High school classrooms

Our vibrant classrooms ignite curiosity, foster collaboration, and empower students. Equipped with technology and flexible seating, they cater to diverse learning styles 

Sports Hall 1

Sports hall

Our multi-purpose hall is a straw bale construction and maintains a comfortable temperature all year roundIt provides ample space for indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball etc.  

Library 2


At the heart of the school sits our wonderful library. We actively promote regular reading and offer an excellent selection of books as well as a technology space.

1 Kitchen


Our commercial kitchen is equipped with gas ovens and high quality appliances. Students from primary and high school love to develop their culinary skills here. 

Pool 2


Our magnesium solar-heated pool serves as a versatile learning environment for aquatic skills and scuba diving training, while also providing a refreshing retreat on hot days. 

Science (Custom)

Science labs

Our Science laboratory is well-equipped and includes a chemical preparation space. Recent investment in our STEM program resources have enabled a broader range of technology options.

Woodwork (Custom)

Woodwork space

Our woodwork classroom is a hub of hands-on learning for students from Primary to High School, crafting raw materials into works of art, developing practical skills that extend far beyond the workshop 

Alumuna (Custom)

Performing arts facilities/ 'Alumuna'

Our new performing arts theatre offers students spaces for sound and lighting design, costume sourcing, prop/set creation, and features three additional learning spaces and an auditorium seating 189. 


Music rooms

Musical education is highly valued. A well-resourced music space, quality musical instruments and a range of tuition opportunities inspire our students to develop their talents.


Movement room

This versatile space, with a grand piano and adaptable seating, hosts assemblies, learning experiences, staff meetings, and parent groups, fostering collaboration and growth within the school community. 


Wellbeing space

Our dedicated wellbeing space offers a serene environment for students to engage in mindfulness activities and receive support from our team of expert school psychologists.

Parent Community

Parent community area

Our inviting parent community space offers a play area for young children and facilities for parents to enjoy craft and community mornings together, nurturing a warm and connected community atmosphere. 

Outdoor Spaces

Kindergarten Nature Trail web

Early Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Where nature and play converge to create enriching environments for our students. Our Early Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms are nestled amidst serene gardens and our nature trail outdoor classroom, providing a picturesque backdrop for exploration and discovery.  



The primary school, complete with lush edible gardens and handball courts, offers students a dynamic space to connect with nature and engage in outdoor learning experiences. Inspired by our Steiner philosophy, our primary school features thoughtfully crafted play equipment that sparks imagination and fosters creative play.  

High School-web

High school

Our expansive multipurpose oval serves as the perfect arena for soccer games and various sporting activities, encouraging students to stay active and embrace the spirit of teamwork. Our latest addition is an outdoor gym area designed for high school students. This state-of-the-art facility offers a dedicated space for students to explore strength and conditioning exercises, promoting physical health and wellness. Here, students can learn about movement mechanics, develop strength, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for fitness. 

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