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Central Coast Steiner School is an independent school offering a dynamic, creative and contemporary educational pathway from Early Childhood to Year 10 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma for Years 11 and 12 commencing 2025. For over 100 years, Steiner schools around the world have promoted a vision of education that focuses on the wellbeing, growth and development of individual students within the collective, educational community.


Our Curriculum


Early Childhood

A three-day program which gently introduces the child to a calm, unhurried approach to learning …


Primary School

Our teachers are fully qualified and dedicated to nurturing a genuine love of learning in each child …


High School

Encouraging students to enrich their academic thinking with a sense of social responsibility and ethical engagement …

The past 14 years of my two children attending the school from Kindergarten right through to Year 10 has been such a wonderful experience, not only for my children but for myself and our family as a whole.  It has left such an imprint on our psyches, our spirits, our hearts. We will always consider

The Darge Family

I would rather come to school than have weekends or school

Ben, Year 6
The social skills of these teenagers astound me. It is clear these kids are supported and nurtured. They are inquisitive, communicative and eccentric young people.  Not without their individual difficulties, but the general level of respect and attitudes are really admirable. The quality of the teaching I have experienced first hand here has really impressed

Rebecca, Student Teacher
I did not know it at the time, but my time at CCSS would facilitate a strong positive direction in life. There are many fond memories of baking bread with Jos in Kindergarten, listening to Jonathan’s amazing stories, and singing and using my body to learn. I was also very lucky to have the opportunity

Ethan Solomon, 2021 (graduated 2014)

The students are all very happy, creative and well behaved.  Students always smiled when anyone walked past and seem to treat each other very well and with respect. I loved how ideas were formed instead of pushed onto the students.  You can tell there is a lot of reflective practice, which I consider quality

Miriam, Student Teacher
I started Steiner 2 years ago, discovering new friendships, new amazing teachers, new ways of learning and even a new awesome bus driver.  I loved the out of class experiences especially the freedom that we experienced with nature at our camps. The massive wrestling match in the lake was heaps of fun.  Really enjoyed being

Noah, Year 6
I just wanted to say thank you for our first magical year at your beautiful school.  My son started this year and I have been blown away by the love I can feel from the moment I step on the school grounds.  His teachers have cared (and I mean really cared) for my boy all year


I find it hard to explain what this school is like to people who haven’t gone through themselves, but when I try to, three words come to mind:  friendship, family and love.  I will miss all the crazy memories we have shared together as a family and these memories I will never forget.  Thank

Luisett, Year 10
All in all we could not have wished for a better primary and secondary school experience and Central Coast Steiner School has exceeded our expectations in many areas. We feel our son has grown and developed into a ‘well-rounded’, confident and strong young adult with definite leadership qualities and the skills and knowledge to pursue

Marshall & Elia, Parents
I’m sure Leo would be delighted to be with you forever. He has had such a wonderful experience with you that it is a rather bittersweet transition that we must make. As you’re well aware the first ten years of a child’s life are the most formative and we feel absolutely blessed to have had

Patrick, Parent
I was just reading the article on the NAPLAN results. As a Steiner parent, I obviously don’t hold with the whole rote learning and teach to test philosophy of the main stream education system. These results are almost a vindication for us as parents, to see how strongly we performed… My main reason for sending

Nigel, Parent


Festivals act as important milestones throughout the calendar of our school year.



An evolving community of dedicated staff members and committed parents.



In our community staff, students, and parents work together.

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