Early Childhood


Parents and children learning together

Young children mostly learn by imitation, imagination, experimentation and movement. It is the child’s nature to experience, to explore and to learn about the world through their senses. 

Early Kindergarten

A beautiful beginning

The Central Coast Steiner Early Kindergarten offers a three-day program which introduces the child to a calm, unhurried approach to learning. Our beautiful environment nurtures each individual. Children this age learn primarily through imitation, so they do everyday tasks together, such as baking bread and gardening. Creative activities, including painting, craft, puppetry and storytelling foster the child’s imagination. A deep love of Mother Nature is awakened as children observe and celebrate the changing seasons.

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What we offer in playgroup

In our playgroup, the children play, bake bread, sing and listen to stories inspired by the seasonal changes. Our wholesome environment offers a gentle, caring and beautiful beginning to your child’s education. Parents are given opportunities to learn about the Steiner philosophy and how it serves the needs of young people. Learning together provides a source of great support and connection.

What we offer in Early Kindergarten

This program provides generous opportunities for free imaginative play, nurturing creativity and laying the foundations for future learning. We also work strongly with rhythm and repetition to help children feel safe in their new environment, fostering a sense of belonging.