Central Coast Steiner School is an engaged community where teachers, students and their families work together to uphold a vibrant school environment. Rudolf Steiner spoke to the founding parents of the first Waldorf school, with the aim of ‘working in unity’ with them, ‘for the betterment and blessing of your children, and thus for the whole of future humanity…’  We truly value this partnership. We know what a difference it makes to the life of the school. For our families, our school offers the opportunity to form friendships with like-minded families who are committed to the values of  Steiner education.

Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their children’s education and the broader school community throughout their child’s years of schooling. Our Parent Community Network is a great way to connect with other families. Throughout the school year, we offer talks on Steiner education, school festivals and artistic events that promote our unique philosophy.

Our school seeks opportunities to be of service to our local community and beyond. Recently we have contributed to cleaning local waterways. Our Year 9 students have contributed to the biodynamic gardens at Inala Steiner School in Sydney. Our Year 10 students work within Aboriginal communities in the Norther Territory as part of their annual trip. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme explicitly encourages community service, promoting the development of global citizenship and social responsibility.


The Parent Community Network (PCN) of Central Coast Steiner School provides a forum for parents to come together and become active participants in the fabric of their child’s school.

On a practical level, the PCN provides support for the school’s Autumn, Winter and Spring festivals, assists with our beautiful Spring Fair and various other organisational and fundraising tasks. Activities such as craft groups, our weekly mini-market, bush dances and talks on Steiner Education are supported by the PCN.

In addition to this, the PCN fosters open communication within the school between the parent body and the teaching body, directing the energies of the community towards mutual support. In this way, the PCN helps shape a harmonious and welcoming community spirit at our school.

School shop

Our School shop is open on Monday mornings during craft and Wednesday mornings during the cuppa morning and mini market.

We have so many beautiful items for sale in our School Shop. There are Lyra colouring pencils, block and stick crayons, fountain pens and cartridges, school journals, modelling beeswax, pure beeswax candles, indoor shoes/slippers, knitting wool and knitting needles, craft supplies – wool fleece, hand dyed wool felt, and fabrics. We also offer educational, parenting and crafting books and beautiful handmade Steiner- inspired games and toys.

SCHOOL SHOP OPENING HOURS: Wednesday 8.30am – during community market morning.

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