Festivals act as important milestones throughout the calendar of our school year. We celebrate Autumn Harvest, Mid-Winter and Spring. We are mindful of acknowledging and honouring the traditional custodians of our land, the Darkinjung people, when we come together to celebrate.  

Within our non-denominational philosophy, we acknowledge the pivotal role rituals play in enhancing community life, understanding their capacity to enrich our collective experiences. Central to our festivities is the celebration of nature, serving as a unifying theme that resonates with all members of our school community.  

Drawing on ancient times, when humans were at one with nature, seasonal festivals offer us a tangible opportunity to reconnect with inner and outer rhythms. These celebrations serve as  gathering points for parents, teachers, students, extended families and friends, fostering a sense of unity within our growing school community. During these festivals, we take joy in the performances where students express themselves through song, dance, and music, reflecting the essence of each season.  

Autumn Festival

As the Summer’s expansion gives way to the Autumn equinox, we embark on an inward journey symbolized by the celebration of the harvest and the imagery of Michael and the dragon. This prompts us to cultivate inner strength to overcome personal challenges. 

Winter Festival

Midwinter is a time of reverence and contemplation as we continue to look inwards and hopefully find inspiration for future growth.  

Maypole (Custom)

Spring Festival

Spring is a time of great joy as nature’s renewal stirs us to look to our own restoration. When individuals come together in freedom to celebrate the festivals with reverence and joy, these seeds of renewal begin to grow, and our school community is nourished. 

Spring Fair

For over a decade the Central Coast Steiner School has staged an annual Spring Fair. This unique family-friendly event brings our community together and with eager anticipation the children look forward to sharing all the activities they have come to enjoy every year. 

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