About Our Principal

Our Principal

Rosemary Michalowski began studying primary education in 1983 at Sydney University.  After her studies, she completed the Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education in 1987.

Rosemary taught in Steiner Schools for several years before moving to Germany where she studied at Heidelberg University.  She then studied Steiner education and eurythmy for five years at the Institut für Waldorfpädagogik in Witten-Annen and further at the Heileurythmie Ausbildung in Stuttgart. Throughout her studies, Rosemary trained and worked as a nurse’s aide at the anthroposophical (Steiner) hospital in Herdecke.

After teaching in Germany for eight years, Rosemary returned to Australia in 2004.  She taught at the Lorien Novalis Steiner School in Sydney and studied to qualify as a secondary teacher at the Notre Dame University in Sydney. In 2008 Rosemary was awarded the University of Notre Dame Ethics Prize.

In 2009, Rosemary relocated to Albury-Wodonga and began teaching with Catholic Education, Wodonga. She was a member of the school leadership team and ran the Gifted and Talented education program at the Catholic College in Wodonga until 2012.

Rosemary’s professional journey is reflective of her dedication to creative, contemporary pedagogy. She is a member of the AIS Education Research Council. Since 2012, Rosemary has been the Principal of Central Coast Steiner School.

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