Central Coast Steiner School is a close-knit community where teachers and administrators, students, and their parents work together to build a secure and inspiring environment that encourages students to be the best they can be.

The school provides programs that look after their spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing. Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their children’s education through the Parent Community Network. Likewise, there are opportunities within the Central Coast Steiner School curriculum where students and teachers can give back to the community, in and outside the country.

Junior School Year 1 to 6 Central Coast Steiner School


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of our land, the Darkinjung people, when we come together to celebrate. Festivals act as important milestones throughout the calendar of our school year. We celebrate Autumn Harvest, Mid-Winter, Spring and Advent. We are mindful of acknowledging the original owners of our land, the Darkinjung people, when we come together to celebrate.


Drawing on ancient times, when humans were at one with nature, seasonal festivals offer us a tangible opportunity to reconnect with inner and outer rhythms. At the same time, we also reconnect with the parents, teachers, students, extended families and friends who share our growing school community. With pride and delight we enjoy our children singing, playing instruments and performing poetry and plays that reflect the mood of the season.


After the expansion and activity of Summer, the Autumn equinox draws us to begin our inward journey. The celebration of harvest is combined with the depiction of Michael and the dragon. We are encouraged to build fortitude to master our own inner struggles. Midwinter is a time of reverence and contemplation as we continue to look inwards and hopefully find inspiration for future growth. Spring is a time of great joy as nature’s renewal stirs us to look to our own restoration. At the end of the year our community comes together to share the magic of Advent.

As a reflection of nature, each of us bears within the seeds of rebirth. When individuals come together in freedom to celebrate the festivals with reverence and joy, these seeds of renewal begin to grow and our school community is nourished.

Our Community

Parent Community Network (PCN)

The Parent Community Network (PCN) of Central Coast Steiner School provides a forum for parents to come together and become active participants in the fabric of their child’s school.

On a practical level, the PCN provides support for the school’s Autumn, Winter and Spring festivals, assists with our beautiful Spring Fair and various other organisational and fundraising tasks.

In addition to this, the PCN fosters open communication within the school between the parent body and the teaching body, directing the energies of the community towards support. In this way, the PCN helps shape a harmonious and welcoming community spirit.

Our Community

School Shop

School shop is open Monday mornings during craft and Wednesday mornings during the cuppa morning and mini market.

We have so many beautiful items for sale in our School Shop—come and have a browse.

There are Lyra colouring pencils, block and stick crayons, fountain pens and cartridges, school journals, modelling beeswax, pure beeswax candles, indoor shoes/slippers, knitting wool and knitting needles, craft supplies – wool fleece, hand dyed wool felt, and fabrics.  As well as Educational, parenting and crafting books and beautiful handmade Steiner inspired games and toys.


Wednesday 8.30am – during community market morning

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