High School

Central to the design and focus of all that we do and teach in the high school is to awaken the potential of our students. Within each individual lie possibilities for a future filled with meaning and purpose. Our students respond positively to inspiring and worthwhile ideals that provide them with sustenance for their life’s journey. CCSS high school not only prepares students to find their connection to the world, but to flourish.

A consistent observation about our graduating students is that they are confident and creative young adults with a genuine love for learning. Our approach to teaching and learning challenges the students to actively engage with the Australian Curriculum for NSW. The lessons are shaped to incorporate key 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking. At the same time, an artistic approach to study enlivens the learning content and brings human connection to all subjects. It is not unusual to find our students meticulously creating beautiful mathematical drawings to prove a law, or using drama to appreciate historical focus periods.

CCSS high school teachers are integral partners in the learning path of our students. They balance high expectations of every emerging adult with the support and guidance needed in Years 7-10. The personalised structure of our high school allows teachers to really get to know the student and their strengths and challenges. A holistic understanding of the adolescent and how best to meet their needs is fundamental in our approach to teaching.

Central Coast Steiner School high school technology

Within our beautiful high school grounds we have purpose built facilities including a laboratory, art studio, multi-purpose hall, teaching kitchen, performance stages, a highly resourced library, as well as adaptive classrooms. Plans for future expansion and new buildings are ongoing as the school continues to grow. Students engage in all subjects in Stage 4 to develop a broad education in preparation for their future choices. Elective subjects are taken in Stage 5 and include artistic subjects such as drama, visual arts and music. Technology electives include Information and Software Technology (IST) and Food Technology.

Recess and lunch times are technology-free so that students can be active and enjoy each other’s company. We incorporate vertical ‘house’ structures into our high school so that a sense of community and connection is in place. Great importance is placed on nurturing student well-being. Students are supported in caring relationships and the experience of belonging. We encourage students to be their authentic selves, to fulfill their potential, take responsibility for their future and and to step up to a range of leadership opportunities.

Our Year 10 students conclude their journey at our school with a ‘service learning’ trip to Cambodia. This is a profoundly formative experience. They grow in compassion, gratitude and fellowship. Our high school offers students an optimistic worldview and skills them so that they can be active contributors to a more just, sustainable future.

‘To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.’
-Rudolf Steiner