Our alumni

“But how do they cope in the 'real world'?”

This is possibly the most persistent question of our students when they complete their journey with Central Coast Steiner School in Year 10.

In 2018, Steiner Education Australia embarked on a comprehensive research project to help both SEA and local schools better understand their core audiences, and provide a foundation for building stronger relationships with government and educational services partners.

The Alumni results gave insight into the enduring effects of a Steiner education and reinforcement of some of our core educational objectives: an overwhelming 89% agreed that ‘what I learnt is highly appropriate to later life’. 95% agreed that ‘attending a Steiner school has been an asset in my life’. 94% of alumni would recommend a Steiner school education.  Further details can be found on the Steiner Education Australia website.

The answer quite simply is that they thrive.

We have an extensive and proud record of our alumni continuing on to a wide variety of further studies and future careers. There is no single path that all our students take after year 10 as they have a strong sense of their individual interests and talents and are keen to pursue them in different fields. Our lively syllabus ensures a diverse range of experiences in the arts and sciences and develops a lifelong love of learning in our students. Our students are world-wise and full of confidence to leave our school and forge their path in the world. They are discerning scholars with a clear determination to embark upon the next stage of their journey, wherever that may lead.

“So, where do they go after Year 10?``

This is possibly the most persistent question of our students when they complete their journey with Central Coast Steiner School in Year 10.

A growing number of our graduates have accepted academic or artistic scholarships to independent and selective schools to complete their final years. Schools including Barker College, Central Coast Grammar and Gosford Selective School have offered scholarships to our graduates.

Selective schools such as Gosford receive many of our graduates for their academic excellence and commitment to learning. 2015 graduate Chloe McFadden achieved excellent results in her academic pursuits at Gosford Selective School. She completed the HSC in 2017 and made the honour roll with 5 band 6 scores.

Local independent and government high schools such as The Entrance High, Lakes Anglican Grammar and St Peter’s Catholic College have also received many of our students to complete their higher school certificate studies.

Some students have chosen to continue their Steiner school journey and travel further afield to attend schools in NSW or beyond. One of our recent graduates, Arabella Zocher is now attending Sophia Mundi in Victoria to complete her International Baccalaureate. Another 2018 graduate Sammi Hoppe is attending Lorien Novalis in Dural to complete her HSC studies.

It is also possible for our students to begin Open University Pathways and work towards a career path of their choice. Graduates also have the option to begin studies at TAFE and work towards vocational qualifications and begin apprenticeships in a variety of fields.

The entrepreneurial spirit is also strong in our past students and several are pursuing self-crafted careers or have started businesses of their own.

Kamil Ellis

Kamil Ellis, talks about transitioning to Central Coast Steiner School in Year 7 and what it meant to him.

Kamil is known for his acting roles in ‘Nowhere Boys’, ‘Deep Water’ and ‘Cleverman’. Kamil continued his education at Barker College, Sydney after completing Year 10 at CCSS.


Sammi Constantine

One of our early graduates, Sammi Constantine, is an independent musical artist and has since released two albums.



Steffi Michalski

2012 Central Coast Steiner School graduate Steffi Michalski was awarded a faculty medal for her 2018 honours research with the University of Newcastle.

Steffi attended Kindergarten to Year 10 at the Central Coast Steiner School and took a keen interest in the intersection of art and science, especially when created in the main lesson book. Her studies continued at university when she completed the BA Natural History Illustration in 2017.

Steffi’s honours research focussed on bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and the visual communication of processes undetectable by the human eye. Her project explored the effectiveness of visually communicating the quantum mechanics of chemical structures in a digital environment. It was collaboratively produced as a continuation of the partnership between the team at the Mothers and Babies Research Centre (MBRC) of John Hunter Hospital’s Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and the Natural History Illustration department at the University of Newcastle. The project responded to ongoing research in the area of oxidative stress in the placenta and associated stillbirth.


Miguel Cullen-Green

After graduating from Central Coast Steiner School in 2016, Miguel attended Central Coast Grammar School at Erina Heights. He completed his HSC studies in 2018 and won three prizes: Information Technology, Visual Arts and Commitment to Study.

He has also recently completed:

  • NIDA short course
  • Sydney dance company Introduction to dance course
  • Screen Acting Course at Fox Studios with acting coach Yuri Kovich.

Miguel was also accepted into Guildhall London for a 3 week summer School in July 2019 focusing on Shakespeare, Stage combat and acting skills.


Allegra Hall

2017 Graduate, Allegra Hall, achieved a position at the Newtown School of Performing Arts and has made an excellent transition into the world of performance. Allegra recently attended an acting intensive in New York with her class cohort. She also played the lead role in Gosford Musical Society’s AIDA performed in July 2019 at the Laycock Theatre, Gosford.

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