Our Vision, Mission and Values



Our vision is a school that provides a contemporary education, empowering students to meet their future with clarity, courage, compassion and creativity.

‘Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.’- Steiner



Our mission is to provide an educational pathway, which inspires an intrinsic love of learning and a capacity for imagination. In protecting the beauty of childhood, we provide a healthy foundation for the unfolding of individual potential. We cultivate resilience, confidence and creative thinking in our students. Our aim is to develop strong, articulate and empathetic individuals capable of changing the world for the better.



Reverence for the human being underpins all that we do at Central Coast Steiner School. We show respectful kindness to others and take pride in both the quality and purpose of our work. We believe that a learning environment imbued with care, beauty and goodness helps students to flourish.

In enrolling a child at Central Coast Steiner School, parents and guardians enter into a partnership with the school based on mutual respect and responsibility. Parents and guardians at the Central Coast Steiner School are expected to have a commitment to upholding our ethos.

We welcome your queries and invite you to visit us and experience our school environment.