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NAPLAN Results

Central Coast Steiner School ranked fourth in local Secondary Schools 2019 NAPLAN results.

Extract from Press Release

…Principal, Rosemary Michalowski, said the results were from literacy and numeracy learning programs they introduced in 2013 based on the Steiner method and other “best practice” education models.  “I know it’s borne fruit,” she said.

The small school has about 285 students with one class per year. Ms Michalowski said in primary years the teacher stayed with the same class as the students progressed from Years 1-6.

“I think the main changes were, really in the early years, identifying students who needed support and employing highly trained teachers to give them extra attention,” she said.

“Any issues they had were dealt with in the first couple of years.”

The Steiner’s primary students ranked 18th against other primary schools across the region 

Ms Michalowski said her school analysed and used the NAPLAN results but was “philosophically” against “teaching to the test”.

Instead she said the school’s calm learning environment fostered a “love of learning”.

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