A Student's Perspective

Reflection of a Year 9 student after being with Central Coast Steiner School for almost a year.

What do I like about Steiner School?

Here, below is every reason I could think of for why I like being a Steiner Student:

  • The students – Ever since my first day at this school I have not stopped being amazed at the remarkable level of energy and morale amongst the students.  They are always such an accepting bunch of kids, welcoming bunch of people, and I cherish every single moment I ‘ve shared with my peers (the good and the bad).
  • The teachers – I honestly don’t think I can remember a single conversation I’ve had with any member of the Steiner staff that I haven’t walked away from feeling fulfilled, enlightened, and even inspired.  They always inspire me to pursue my dreams, and they even inspire me to be a better me. Those things you just can’t get in a traditional learning environment.
  • The style of teaching – As we all know, Steiner isn’t like your average private school, almost everything is different. At Central Coast Steiner School, they use their very own unique block learning system to provide the students with a unique, comprehensive approach to their learning. And I can tell you, after moving from an average private school with a completely different demographic and a simple 7 period day learning system, it really is a nice change.
  • The physical environment – As I’m sure you all well know, I as a person love the natural environment here in Australia, I love all its wildlife and I especially love the cultural diversity in the environmental world at Steiner. It is plain to see from blue flower wasps to Sydney funnel webs to green tree snakes (all animals which I’ve seen at the school) that Steiner is an immensely diverse natural environment that I doubt I’ll ever get sick of exploring and that I’ll miss terribly when I leave at the end of year 10.

In short, those are the reasons why I love being a Steiner kid, I love the students, the teachers, the approach to teaching and the natural environment surrounding the school. This is why I love attending the school, I doubt I’ll ever be able to find any of these things anywhere else.


A Student's Perspective

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